Protestant Work Ethic - Turned, and Turning EP (12rec045)

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Protestant Work Ethic - Turned, and Turning EP (12rec045)

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Happy new 2008! Her comes the first 12rec release in this new year --- Protestant Work Ethic - Turned, and Turning EP. Protestant Work Ethic is Simon Usaty, one quarter of KES (alongside Bernard Bauch ) from Vienna, Austria. For his solo-project he only worked out great songs with acoustic guitar, banjo, cymes, accordion and little background percussion. But the main element in his songs for sure is his voice. I heard his voice the first time here and i can say that he's a great vocalist and singer. 'His voice has a certain moment of failure, still he's an awesome vocalist, on stage and on his recordings...'. With this release he steps into the independent Country & Western genre and although this is not my favourite music style i like this release a lot. It's warm, personal, a bit melancholy pop music with absolute hit potential.

01 - Set Out To Take On
02 - Weather Side
03 - Duba Ktana
04 - Walk The Plank
05 - Clap Clean Hands
06 - As They Are Blown Here And There...
07 - ... And There Again

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