Herzog - ocean! be our blanket (12rec039)

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Herzog - ocean! be our blanket (12rec039)

Melancholic electronic folk

Ok, i don't know exactly why i missed this one on 12rec - shame on me... Now this wonderful release turned out to one of my winter highlights on my ipod, so here comes the (very late) review... It's 12recs' 039 from Herzog aka Bill Bawden. Released formely two albums on the great Serein label, on 'Ocean!' he continues his unique filigrane, hypnotic stylemix of electronica, folk and experimentals. 'Warm, quite focused, hypnotic and neat'. Wonderful timeless folk-flavored electronica with a dreamy melancholic touch. Yep! A winter essential...

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01 - unwelcome guests or stray weather balloon
02 - in the background, secret armies
03 - there are options
04 - woke up surrounded by enemies
05 - here come our fathers
06 - adjusting to the light
07 - steady
08 - i'm no cathedral

Download the whole release here (zip 66mb)

Release page 12rec

Interview with Bill Bawden on tokafi

Herzog on myspace



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