Lost Lanterns - Polar Living (rb022)

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Lost Lanterns - Polar Living (rb022)

Lost Lanterns - Polar Living (rb022)

Ambient fields

Here's a new one from Resting Bell - 'Polar living' by Lost Lanterns. This is the project of Ian Hawgood from UK and Ben Jones, who's living in Tokyo. They once met at university and worked together in different bands, now teamed up to work alone on their music using live instrumentation, field recordings and computers.

On 'Polar living', their first collaboration work, they use lots of field recordings which were recorded entirely in the UK countryside during autumn/winter time came and combined them with melodic keyboards. 'Warm keyboard drones are packing you in a safe cocoon, while the field recording-snippets have something mysterious and unknown...' A very quiet sweet ambient release for long winter nights...

1. Echoes Of Love Remain
2. Escape From Nothing
3. Home Distortion
4. Polar Living
5. Quiet Stellar
6. Seed Of Plant

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waves and white noise

this is great although not quite as good as hawgood's solo works. the field work is amazing and on a big system or nice headphones just is a trip. the key sounds are super warm and nice but the melodies aren't as grabbing as 'fires' or 'spiral' by hawgood. flippin' good though and the vocals on the first track are really very moving and surprising (sampled from where?)