Psychonaught - Geordie Stepper Vol.1 (Sociopath 051)

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Psychonaught - Geordie Stepper Vol.1 (Sociopath 051)

Dubstep from Newcastle

Deep groovy Dubstep isn't a great genre for netaudio in general. So it was very delightful to stumble upon this really good and well produced Dubstep from Psychonaught from Newcastle, GB. HIs release is called Geordie Stepper Vol.1 and was released by Sociopathrecordings , a netlabel from taiwan with a mostly crazy, noisy and fast output. Geordie Stepper Vol.1 contains 8 deep bleepy dubstep tracks ready to rock the floor. Try it!

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Sociopathrecordings Website

Sink the Fucker
None of Us Left
Love Love Love
Fifty Thousand Dollars
Dread Bread Stonjah

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