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Wundertunes is a magazine for contemporary music and art. There is an continous quiet revolution in the distribution, for example the whole netaudio thing - and way too less people getting notice of that. There is so much good (as well as much bad...) free music out there on small websites which are nearly not noticed by the rest of the world. This mag should be a filter for that kind of music and art - or events or whatever we think needs more audience. We will review free music, unknown labels (if they're good in our eyes...), aswell as artist interviews and stuff like this.,... Our homebase is in germany, but our output is for everyone- and so we've decided to broadcast in english. We're starting off in march 2007 with the this version. Take part of this revolution and help spreading the music! Please visit the creative commons website if you're new to this kind of distributing and learn more about this contemporary way of licensing. For example, some artists are releasing their music or art under creative commons to get known to public in another, more direct way than 'usual' releases. Independent from the fact, that this website is a non-profit thing, you are free to spend some money for the artists and labels out there. Most of them are using the paypal-donate button , the easiest way to collect some money for their hard work in the underground.

Supporter from the first second is wunderknaben.com, a communication agency in Erkrath, germany. Thanks!

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