Heinemann521 - Barge (mi083)

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Heinemann521 - Barge (mi083)

Melancholic jazzy electronica from japan

That's the stunning thing with label & www & music. You stumble from one label page to another and finally you find the diamond. As happend in this case - I never heard about this label mimi from portugal which is dedicated to portugese & japanese musicinas and their projects. Brandnew release on this label (pleeease check the backstock!) is this release from Heinemann521 aka Shuho Hidaka. And it's a nice blend of dreamy melancholic jazz influenced music, which simply is wonderful. Definitely influenced by cut-up jazzers like Prefuse 73's Scott Herren or Four Tet, he produced such a intense album of cutting edge electronica jazz and idm. Thanks for releasing that one for free! Chapeau!

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01. fret
02. trail
03. tear we love it
04. daily routines
05. bathing pool
06. right behaviour
07. brighten
08. departure song
09. reciprocal ocean
10. same place, same way we love it

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