Nuthre - Bloops for Alice (NT096)

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Nuthre - Bloops for Alice (NT096)

Nuthre - Bloops for Alice (NT096)

The converse of easy-chillin' music

nuthre (Jeff Morton) strikes again with this groundshaking release on the famous no type label. This one brings loads of heavy input for your brain. Aliased pianos, strange turnarounds, cheap drums, all together cutted and pasted to a unsettled collage. Genius or madman? Masterpiece or crap? You decide...
Other as on his timeless fantastic release 'All Too Capable Of Sustained Backwards Glances' on the panospria label, here he's testing the extremes. Cutted fragments, pasted to a collage of desired dreams. Often he tries more than the average listener could bear. But try to follow him. Change your viewpoints. This release is a statement, a chunk of concrete with diamonds in it, this one is about loosing control and different ways to get it back, about trust, hope, and finally: about alice. Possibly after hearing it (more than one time :-) nothing will be as before. But: you decide!

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01. Is He Minor? (my how he moans)
02. Fifth Last Night Together
03. A Rose, Another Rose
04. Bloops for Alice
05. Time on My Hands (you in my arms)
06. Once, for a while
07. 90s Music

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