Erik de vahl - Oh! My Spine (Self-released)

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Erik de vahl - Oh! My Spine (Self-released)

Fresh Indie folk-tronics from Sweden

Very complex open-minded electro-acoustic music from Sweden. Crispy micro-rhythms and deep structures colliding with Eric de vahl's guitarplay and singing. Sounds a bit like Karaoke Kalk meets Warp. With this release Eric presents his third CD-album "Oh! My Spine" which he self-released in a limited edition of 100 ex earlier this year in April. His decision to release it finally for free and everyone he describes like this: "Since there won't be no second edition released I've decided to offer you to download it here instead. For free of course. Selling digital files is to me a huge step backwards in every aspect. So feel free spread the music and tell your friends about it if it appeals to you." Very nice!

Eric de vahl's homepage  

Releasepage - With additional infos, lyrics and liner notes (swedish)

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Download entire album (zip) here

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