Glander - Vate (1BW026)

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Glander - Vate (1BW026)

Slow-motion deepness

Deep and expressive release from berlin's Glander on 1Bit Wonder. His music is a balanced mix of warm, soft and mellow chords as well as distant and more colder sounds, merged to deep epic textures - the perfect yin & yang. Close your eyes and fall into this slow dense fog and try to find your way. Finally, Daniel Stefanik turns 'Zavial' into shape for a early morning walk into hazy woods. Great one!

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01 - Nalepa
02 - Hmbrg
03 - Zavial
04 - Nightie
05 - Realize
06 - Drift we love it
07 - Zavial (Stefanik Reshape)

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Score: 9.5, Votes: 4


This one is solid & steady the whole way through. Really, really nice stuff, mellow, chill, and not harshly cut-up or broken into nerve-grating bits the way so much IDM is these days. Full of warm tones and shivering-good grooves.