Histeresis - Various artists (FILTRO.020)

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 Histeresis - Various artists (FILTRO.020)

Deep, deeper, deepest music

Juchu! Filtro is back, let's talk about deep music...
Release 20 'Histeresis' is a compilation with various filtro artists, a roundview of glitchy electronics, 'a drawn trajectory framing intimist and atmospheric set ups to urban beats, flirting in some moments with an alternative dance floor'... In true filtro tradition digitals meets deep dubs meets IDM meets minimal. In true filtro tradition, the result is brillant. It's a sound of a state between being awake and asleep, deep true feelings, coverted to music which let me fall into deep dreaming, reflecting, thinking and philosophizing. About this world, about what's wrong, what's right, what people should do with their life and, and, and... This is 100% true music. Soundtrack for life. An instant classic. And the best: you can also dance to :-)

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01 - Lazo invisible - Ella hablabla en rgb
02 - Meiker - Naranja (That Nostalgic feeling)
03 - Bifidus -Sinking downwards in dire ruin (f.ss)
04 - Insecto - Miternu we love it
05 - Rivel - Back again
06 - Subnor - Dodekafucked
07 - Emmerichk - Maquiventa
08 - Absolute time - Photon we looooooooooove it!!!!
09 - AAM - Bad Japanese movie
10 - Zofa - Cycles
11 - Manziping - Despues de usted señor
12 - kampion - Dreamy Snapshot

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