Herwig Holzmann - How To Stop... (apl046)

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Herwig Holzmann - How To Stop... (apl046)

Slow down your processes

Life's too fast - we know that too good... Now here comes your chance to pause down for some moments in your hectic days.

It's very easy: Download the new Autoplate release "How to stop..." by Laridae co-founder Herwig Holzmann, haunt to your favourite (or find a new...) place, put on your earphones and take your personal pause. Mr. Holzmann describes his method of making music as "musical storytelling" - soundtracks for nonexistent movies. He wants the listeners to create their own stories and images in their minds as they listen to what he describes as his pieces of "audio fiction"...

So go ahead, don't wait too long, slow down your life for just over an hour, reflect and recreate and press the pause-button of life for a few moments... i don't want to say more about his music here, just this: it's perfect for this listening stop...

Pre-listen the tracks with click on arrow-buttons, download with right-click and save-as...

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...A Heart From Beating 5:17
...Him For Feeling Sorry 5:46
...The Day From Breaking 6:55
...These Thoughts From Circling 5:24
...Your Eyes From Crying 4:47
...This World From Turning 8:13
...Some Birds From Singing 3:24
...That Scratch From Itching 7:26
...Her Hands From Trembling 5:15
...My Head From Hurting 5:36
...Everything From Changing 7:00

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Score: 8.7, Votes: 3

A great release...except for the 'music'

The non-music bits are great, i.e. the song titles, cover artwork and the blurbs on Thinner's website that put the release into an interesting post-modern context of time and our lack thereof. All very well, but the audio bits cannot live up to these expectations. It's a dull, pretentious release that bores the listener after a short while...it's easy to dismiss my argument by saying that I wasn't in the proper mood or didn't spend enough time etc, but I nonetheless think that it's an easily forgetable sound-carpet and I expected more from Thinner!

"I expected more from Thinner"

Maybe because it's been released on Autoplate, not Thinner... ? ;-)