Daniel Maze - Lifeguard EP (EKO 013)

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Daniel Maze - Lifeguard EP (EKO 013)

Daniel Maze - Lifeguard EP (EKO 013)

Warm and positive spring melodies

Daniel Maze from Vancouver, Canada released a wonderful ep on the french Eko label (Alexandre Navarro). This ep contents a perfect soundtrack for a warm spring sunset. Sitting on a hill, watching straight into future, reflecting the moment. Peaceful pads, wonderful brights tones, synths and pop melodies. Music for this special moods - full of satisfaction but still reflective. Outstanding - a reference!

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01. Whats Your Poison
02. Khamseen
03. Waiting for the Bubbles to Disappear
04. Take Me to the Equator
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Score: 8.5, Votes: 6


Though it's mostly nicely ambient, it's a little uneven. The first track gets us rolling with some nice textures and some odd crinkles scattered throughout, just to make sure you're paying attention.

The second, "Khamseen", feels extremely wintery; it's an all too short trip into a frosted wonderland. Track three is a letdown; it's hardly listenable. Every time it starts up I find myself hitting fast forward.

Makes it hard to get into "Take Me to the Equator", a decent ambient wrap-up.

Only 7 hearts from me; it could have been so much more enjoyable if track three hadn't spoiled the album's flow.