Lucrecia – Like being home (sern020)

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Lucrecia – Like being home (sern020)

Electroacoustic Pop-pearls from Colombia

This will definitely be the right choice for your digital (or even analog) campfire! This new one from Lucrecia on Series Media is about acoustic instruments, found sounds, crispy percussion and Lucrecia's wonderful vocals with an ease of 'those who know more'. Promtly this reminds me to a fantastic scene in a wonderful movie called 'The Party' with Peter Sellers from Blake Edwards. This scene as Michel Monet (Claudine Longet) starts to sing in front of the party-guests in front of this (really big) fireplace in the living-room. Everybody's quiet and listening to Michel's easygoing and unconcerned singing...
Not more words are to lose about this, download's a must, layback and enjoy this melancholic but positive music from this outstanding singer! chapeau! 10 hearts! Yippie! Freu!

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01 Let's pretend download tip
02 Like being home
03 Counting backwards
04 Changing the weather
05 Millones

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*Illustration: Ana Maria López

Changing the weather:
Drums: Arhkota drums
Drums engineer: C. castaño, blueplant studio,Los Angeles,CA


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New video!

Hi everybody, we got a new video from Lucrecia: counting backwards - and this is a very nice one!


i love it!

Hi folks,,,

Not special related to this release, but to lucrecia,,,
What a nice performance of her:

cheers,,, joerg


This one's really nice, what beautiful vocals, i like a lot :-]



THX, that´s very nice music...


Thanks for that! This is simply wonderful music!