Motionfield - Movements (gruen23)

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Motionfield - Movements (gruen23)

Relaxed atmospherics

Stadtgruen, the adress for well-balanced electronic music between urban living and nature aswell as the deeper sides of tech, published a new one. This time on the 'gruen' labelsprout: Motionfield aka Petter Friberg from Sweden with his second full release on Stadtgruen: Movements. And this reminds me back the days... The Orb and FSOL were bringing together electronic sounds with a deeper feeling for nature, future and life. On Movements Petter Friberg merging these sounds with his own universe. The results are chilled, atmospheric, melodic and warm tracks, perfect for the ride home after a long day. Nice release!

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Movements 04:20 min (05.95 MB)
Barton 03:14 min (04.46 MB)
Arcipelago 06:05 min (08.36 MB)
Masterminds 04:01 min (05.54 MB)
The Document 05:54 min (08.11 MB)
Superflow 05:12 min (07.16 MB)
Future City 04:50 min (06.65 MB)

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