Mr. Moods – In Love We Trust... And We Hate (DBR004)

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Mr. Moods – In Love We Trust... And We Hate (DBR004)

Slowdowned relaxed beats

It this real? I mean, some sounds & beats of this great release took me reminding far back to dj krush's best lp (in my humble opinion...) "Ki-Oku"... Flashback!

Mr. Moods aka Christian Denis from Canada absorbed surely the essence of this music-style (which was known as trip-hop :-) and finally released an album on Dirtybird Rexx named "In Love We Trust... And We Hate". Nine tracks of slowdowned groove magic and hip-hop wizardy, groovy, jazzy, moody and anything in between. The production of this deeply-touching masterpiece is quite stunning, plus: it reminds me to a very major time in my life. The time when portishead, dj krush, massive attack and the other heros of trip-hoppin were ruling my mixtapes. Get ready for nine pieces of melancholic downtempo. Thumbs up!

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01 - Intro
02 - A Romantic Affair
03 - The Birds (feat. VPD)
04 - A Little Something
05 - The Only One (feat. VPD)
06 - Interlude
07 - Sensuality
08 - Apologize To...
09 - The Endless Story

Entire release as zip file
Cover art (pdf)

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this is my favorite

this is my favorite July/August album!
wondeful down-tune!

with good mastering.... this

with good mastering.... this would be a burner!!!1