My First Trumpet - Frerk (aer009)

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My First Trumpet - Frerk (aer009)

Simply beautiful indietronics

Here comes a fresh one on the beloved Aerotone label. The wonderful album "Frerk" from "My first trumpet" aka Kevin Hamann (Hamburg, Germany) contains 12 very beautiful detailed examples of useful arrangements of music, harmony and melody. Using electronics aswell as acoustics, he delivers surely an independent netlabel masterpiece. Jumping from abstract piano & acoustics (pawlow) over folk-flavoured electronica (takt short takt) to modern pop music (d.kitt), this album can't put into one certain genre. As Aerotone told us on the release website that "Frerk is a bedroom- and first trial production..." we know, that these ones are very often the best ones... and this one surely is...

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01 pawlow 1:27 min
02 digital contact 4:07 min
03 happy plingi 4:07 min
04 d kitt 3:20 min
05 max b 2:55 min
06 takt short takt 1:55 min
07 eat some beaf chief 3:17 min
08 nordiopathie 3:08 min
09 dipl link 3:16 min
10 muerz 2:21 min
11 autonarkose 4:04 min
12 the owl likes to bowl 2:21 min

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