Nicolas Bernier - Ail et l’eau faille (NT097)

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Nicolas Bernier - Ail et l’eau faille (NT097)

Nicolas Bernier - Ail et l’eau faille (NT097)

Pop-acousmatic tales

Nicolas Bernier from Canada has studied electro-acoustic composition at the University of Montreal. He's an ecelctic artist walking knee-deep in between acoustics and electronics. On his actual release on Notype he's balancing again between organic sound sources and digital processing. Using his guitar and other acoustic instruments aswell as electronics and found and processed sounds he creates his fragile and detailed music. His tracks are noisy, imperfect and very fragile, the text at the release page fits perfect: “To make machine music so imperfect that it would become more human than human, so we can’t tap the beat on a metronome but instead feel it the way you should feel it like a trek on the rocks that almost made you trip yesterday but all this naivete how could it be so you don’t care good neither do I” Besides, he created the duo Milliseconde topographie and invented the artist collective Ekumen .

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01. Propriétaire d’un chat aux grands yeux
02. Sombre désert
03. La tortue
04. Je ne juge pas
05. La ville est en feu (modulations)
06. Les écureuils réchauffent les arbres
07. Montauk

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