Hermetic Sound - Melody Scenes (Konfort014)

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Hermetic Sound - Melody Scenes (Konfort014)

Science fiction digitronics

And again a release for your digital campfire. It's Hermetic Sound (Javier Urzua, Vincent Velasco) from Mexico on Discos Konfort . This release sound to me like it was beamed to future with a selfmade time-machine. Results are dark, atmospheric sounds and beats damaged by time-travelling. "Sweet and luscious melodies bring light and hope into the dark and claustrophobic ambiances achieved by ruthless complex rhythms and oppressive sounds. This heterogeneous collection of tracks are like snapshots from a sonic journey from shadow into light." And i like it.

Note: There's coming up a label spotlight of discos konfort here on wundertunes plus an interview with Hector Zarate. Stay tuned!

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Could have been better

This album could have been so much better if it did not sound as it if was "damaged by time-travelling." The melody lines and progressions were quite intriguing, but they were horribly marred by all the effects. They do nothing but distract and take away from what could have been a beautiful album. If the effects were deleted, I've no doubt I'd listen to the album over and over, but as it is....the potential beauty is obscured by needless, cluttered effects.


Great release! Love light mix


Felicitaciones colegas!

Quiero felicitarlos por su dedicación y entrega a la música, la cual seguramente aman tanto como yo y los resultados se notan.

Un saludo a todos los que tenemos una doble vocación!

atte Jorge Fernandez rod