Tatsu - Wisteria Field (bump030)

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Tatsu - Wisteria Field (bump030)

Tatsu - Wisteria Field (bump030)Dreamy warm chilly ambient techno
Wisteria Field, release 30 from Bumpfoot comes from the brain behind this label himself: Tatsu.
The album contains 7 tracks of warm, deep, chilly music. The dancefloor meets the living-room meets the lounge on this album. Tracks are well produced - sometimes a bit too well, but thats more than ok. An album for sitting around and chilling with good friends, sitting in your favourite lounge bar and car-driving into the sundown.

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ennui (5:25)
northwood (6:26)
el tren (5:02)
living room (5:50)
twilight (5:58)
siesta (6:02)
citrus (5:19)

Whole release (zip) 73,3 mb

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