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General Information about free netaudio

The music featured on this website is mostly released under creative commons licenses. To get more info about this way of licensing, please visit the creative commons website. For example, some artists are releasing their music or art under creative commons to get known to public in another, more direct way than 'usual' releases.

Please feel free to download and share (It's all about sharing...) all featured releases. Please notice: some of the releases have some restriction on usage in commercial or other works. Have a look on the id3tag, the release notes or the label website for any details and information regarding the specific conditions of copyright/left.

Is this legal?

Yes, free sharing and distribution of content under a creative commons license is legal. You can download content and share content depend on which creative commons license was chosen by the artist or author. To get into creative commons, visit their webpage .

How to download music?

you can preview the most of the tracks (some netlabels distribute only zip-files - in that case previewing is not possible) by clicking on the play button left of the trackname. Download is easy than this, ctrl-click or right mouseclick on the selected track, than save as... This should be the same for windows user.

Is it really free?

Yes. There is no hook. But if you like the music and want to give the artist some tribute, please use the paypal-donate button on most netlabel ar artist websites to help them to hold on to their work.

I am an author who likes to review music. Can i become a reviewer for wundertunes?

Why not? Our mission is to popularize creative commons published content. Therefore we couldn't be enough. Please contact us in this issue.

Your website seems nice, but in my internet explorer 5 browser it looks a bit strange. What to do?

Please upgrade your browser or try a more contemporary browser like firefox or safari.

I am new to rss feeds and feedreader software. Where can i get more information about feedreader?

A good starting point to get some information and facts about rss feedreader is the aggregator/feedreader site at wikipedia.org. A list of feedreaders you'll find at: Feed Readers at the Open Directory Project. Personally I use NewsFire (Mac).

I want to leave a comment. What to do?

Click on the comment button below the article which you want to comment. There you can leave your comment. To avoid massive spam, it is required to answer that easy mathematical question for unregistered users.

I need more/less information. Can i personalize my account or the menu?

Yes, in the actual state of the wundertunes website it's possible to personalize some features in the left sidebar. Go to your account to activate this features.

Streaming of some tracks doesn't work and even downloading fails or doesn't start. What to do?

Most netlabel tracks are hosted by www.archive.org or www.scene.org . There are huge servers which are sometimes very slow due to heavy traffic or even offline for maintenance. In most cases the best way is to check back a few hours later.

How to send messages to other users?

All registered users are able to send messages to their buddies with 'my inbox' or with click on another user, for exmaple above every post.

How to get buddies?

All registered users are able to become your buddy. For that, click on the username which is displayed in the 'submitted by' line for example. Then your request has to be confirmed by your desired buddy.

Future plans?

Coming soon is a very powerful, easy to use integrated personal blog for registered users. This intergrated personal blog on wundertunes should be very useful for several things like:

- Labels or artists are able promote their new releases or tourdates or other news
- You can post photos or videos of artists which are uploaded on Youtube or aother video portals
- Connect with other users who like your music taste
- Post links to your own tracks which are uploaded to a server and get access to other people
- And, and, and...