Loafeye - Drinking Rosewater (AH008)

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Loafeye - Drinking Rosewater (AH008)

Loafeye - Drinking Rosewater (AH008)

lush melancholic electronica

Archaic Horizon Records brings us this splendorous album by Loafeye. And again he's back with fine tunes after his fat releases on Rope Swing Cities, Experimedia and Retropublik. His style often reminds me of boards of canada's calmer tracks. Very wide atmospheric layers, strings and textures are keeping the warm gliding melodies in safe hands, combined with punchy downbeats. His lush ambient tracks with its silky sounds and dreamy atmospheres transports a sense of infinity. I like this one! Recommended as always...

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Never Go
Another Gone
Last Minute Heroics
Radiant Absorbtion
Drinking Rosewater
Grand and Glorious
Happy Sailing
Wandering Sounds

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