sensual physics - the thin girl ep (thn093)

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sensual physics - the thin girl ep (thn093)

sensual physics - the thin girl ep (thn093)

deep warm dub movers

finally, here comes the new one from thinner. A new release from sensual physics with a warm deep four-tracks ep. Originally these tracks were part from a liveset a few years ago. Now, the tracks were re-recorded with contemporary influences with Joerg's own kind of producing. Original notes at the thinner website: "Each piece is distilled with a touch of accident. Whether it be a small break, a crackle or some fading reverb, these random elements expand the basic theme behind Joerg's creation of each track which are just developed further from there, iterated, and reassembled until the pieces fit together perfectly. Beside these chaotic and analytical elements all tracks are sensualwise carried out by warm floating basslines and dreamy soundscapes. "The Thin Girl" is an interweaved mixture of analysis and warmth. And, just after diving deep into a track, the listener soon feels its approaching end only to start sinking into the next one."

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Instable State 6:23 (9.00 MB)
Out Of Sense 7:24 (10.00 MB)
Garden Of Apples 6:50 (9.62 MB)
Close To You 7:36 (10.71 MB)

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sensual physics video

Here's a video & track from Sensual Physics's Source-Records release called 'Zwischen Lyon und Orange'

This release...

Love this ep and the label.
"Garden Of Apples" is a great track!!