nest - nest (serein013)

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nest - nest (serein013)

nest - nest (serein013)

chamber music for starships and 'those moments'

Introducing the famous welsh serein label with this exceeding release from Nest, which is a collaborative project of Otto Totland (Deaf Center / Type Records) and Huw Roberts (Serein). This self-titled EP is the first work publicly released from this two pianists. It is a impressivly haunting piece of music, influenced by several different styles. Mostly using the piano with and without modifications, Otto and Huw used various instruments and sounds, from welsh harps over violins and woodwind instruments to field recordings to produce beautiful music free of pretense. Timeless ambient - If you like the music of hauschka or arvo pärt, you will like this release a lot. It's a perfect amalgamation of moods which are sometimes morbid, but always friendly. A perfect score for a walk through an uncrowded foggy venice at night.

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This is the good stuff.

This is the good stuff. And it's even better at night.

Turn down the lights (or even turn them off), crank up the volume, and just listen. Let the music transport you to far away places.

Ten hearts!