OCP - Descansar Um Bocadinho (qnb003)

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OCP - Descansar Um Bocadinho (qnb003)

OCP - Descansar Um Bocadinho (qnb003)

Deep Micro-Dub Pearls from Portugal

Qunabu , a netlabel from Gdansk in Poland, released a very deep and perfect sounding dub ep from Joao Ricardo, who already released some stuff on MiMi Records, Serein, Testtube and Sinergy Networks. Descansar Um Bocadinho is about deep structures, basses, chords. Imagine you walk through airy curtains of cryptically noisy background pads in best basic channel manner. Deep. The sound structure is falling to pieces to a become one again a few seconds later. Fragile. Wonderful. I heard this sound often, of course, but this one is pure perfection.

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Qunabu website

fio dental
descansar um bocadinho

the wohle release as zip (40 mb)

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