Fabryka - Handful of dust Remixes (DHS0030)

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Fabryka - Handful of dust Remixes (DHS0030)

Fabryka - Handful of dust Remixes (DHS0030)

Remixes for a classy track

What a powerful and well-balanced remix ep! First, you should know the full release Testing Toys from fabryka which was released on dharmasound beginning of april. One of the best tracks, Handful of Dust, a truly pop-hit, is now interpreted by several artists from the dharmasound roaster like Musetta, Acidhead, Kurregomma and Reverse Engineering. And they all do a very very good job. Acidhead's version is a resilient, fluffy independent pop dream, Musetta interpreted the original track in wonderful swing, Reverse Engineering worked out a bit more industrial touch and finally Kurregomma flashs an ode with some 8bit tone-generators and let the sid chips burn. Plus an extra-fine Fabryka live jazz cut with acoustic setup at the Controfestival. Absolut, absolut wonderful! Download more than recommended!

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01 - Handful of dust - Musetta RMX (03:40)
02 - Handful of dust - Acidhead RMX (05:08)
03 - Handful of dust - Kurregomma RMX (04:51)
04 - Handful of dust - Sour RMX Reverse Engineering (03:00)
05 - Handful of dust - live @ Controfestival (04:14)

Handful of dust RMX - entire album as zip

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