Saturday Index - Partly Cloudy (AH019)

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Saturday Index - Partly Cloudy (AH019)

Saturday Index - Partly Cloudy (AH019)

Deep electronica

Jedidiah Becker from Denver, Colorado released this sentimental and melancholic on Archaic Horizon, who brought us several fine experimental electronica releases, Sarin Sunday for example...

And yes, "Partly Cloudy" is located in the same sound-roots as Sarin Sundays release "The Lonely Hike". Deep electronica with slightly detuned sounds and atmosheric pads combined with fine distorted solid classic breaks in old school manner. That sound still reminds me of some old boards of canada tracks, but not quite that experimental... With "Partly Cloudy", Jedidiah Becker transformed his thoughts and feelings for the surrounding nature to a solid, deep and moody piece of music. Additionally there are 3 reinterpretions of the title track "Partly Cloudy" by Sarin Sunday (in perfect moby manner...), Paramnesic and Milieu - pretty suitable for these long autumn and winter evenings...

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01 Satin Window
02 Partly Cloudy
03 Ketring Lake
04 Rainbow Kaleidoplex
05 Partly Cloudy (Sarin Sunday Remix)
06 Partly Cloudy (Paramnesic Remix)
07 Partly Cloudy (Dub Forecast Mmx)

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