Muhr - Poussière (serein014)

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Muhr - Poussière (serein014)

Slow-downer facing the beginning autumn

A little bit late, but i've reconginized the sleeping beauty of this wonderful melancholic release from Muhr recently now. Poussière is published on serein, which comes to my mind with the beautiful nest ep. On Poussière, which means 'dust', you'll find dark droning atmospheres, crushed sounds, melancholic strings, processed guitars, distant pianos and battling lo-fi effects and disturbed sounds. It's a mix of forbiddingly strange moments. Walking in the woods at night with Poussière on headphones is possible the right way to enjoy some very impressivly intense moments of... angst. Wonderful!

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01 An End To None But To All That Is Still
02 Dead Leaves
03 Quiet Words And Forgotten Trees
04 Les Reves Sont Des Poussieres Du Possible
05 La Gouache Des Temps

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