Prototypes - Je ne te connais pas EP (Mintyfresh)

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Prototypes - Je ne te connais pas EP (Mintyfresh)

French neo-electro-wave-rock bangers

Flashback! With friendly permission, these are promo mp3's from Minty Fresh Records. This is about kicking electro-punk, wave-rock music from the well known and loved Prototypes from France. For those few people out there who don't know them, download is highly recommended... Get ready to face these 80's synths, rock guitars, punchy electronics and the harsh vocals of Isabel Le Doussal. Nevertheless that this one is from 2006 (i guess...), it's untamable ass-kicking groove and this catchy songs let me put it back to memory. And, not least, i can't get enough of 'Je ne te connais pas', which is one of my favourite songs right now.
As Minty Fresh Records tell us: "With pounding beats, commanding vocals, and demanding synthetic pop grooves, Prototypes hand you a cigarette, buy you a shot, and pull you by the hand to dance floor. Welcome to the party." Yeah, right! Face it!

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01. Je ne te connais pas download tip
02. Exister
03. Un gars fragile
04. Decider
05. Boxe

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Oh, nice, Prototypes,,, like'em. There's a nice backstage vid on tube, these are friendly ones, or?

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