RESN - Disfunktion act 2 (hw023)

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RESN - Disfunktion act 2 (hw023)

Downtempo Electronica / IDM from Hungary

Stumbled upon this release from RESN aka Oliver Bajza which is released by Homework - a network label based in Murmansk, Russia. With his very intensive blend of ambient, IDM, electronica, jazz and trippy downtempo beats, RESN forced me to watch to my iPod screen what the hell was playing. He finally got me with his wonderful track 'My number is', an intense and intimate piece of music - deep and mellow, warm like a sunbeam on a cold windy autumn day. These ep simply made me happy and forced me to stop and hold for some minutes... Download this music!

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Homework label website

01 Second Hand (4:55)
02 My Number Is (4:07) we love it
03 Chargeing Source (4:07)
04 Girl Girl Boy Boy (3:03)
05 Good Night My Friend (1:36)

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