RMF - Rhodesia / Erronel (XGN032)

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RMF - Rhodesia / Erronel (XGN032)

RMF - Rhodesia / Erronel (XGN032)

Drum & Bass from Austria

I forgot this one! First: I'm not a drum & bass expert - but i like this one because it reminds my to a very very old drum & bass compilation CD. Exegene blows out a nice two-tracker from RMF, who is actually from Vienna, Austria.
Rhodesia (side a) is full of positive energy, jazzy chords, atmospherics and clever drumworks blended by a wonderful upright bass. Erronel (side b) is more about minimal D&B. A fragile drumpart meets jazzy fragments behind a curtain of haze and reverb. Bass stabs, chords and saxophone licks appear behind this curtain for a second just to split into reverb particles.

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RMF - Rhodesia
RMF - Erronel

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