Sarin Sunday - The Lonely Hike (AH013)

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Sarin Sunday - The Lonely Hike (AH013)

Relaxed moody electronica grooves

Here comes a bunch of very nice tracks from Seth Haley alias Sarin Sunday, released on Archaic Horizon. Very relaxed deep electronica and sometimes classic breaks, sometimes glitchy beats all melted together in best Boards of Canada style. Very classic. Very good. The good old days. 'Expressing a reflection of the past and a direction for the future, The Lonely Hike evokes complex narratives almost purely through sonic compositions.'

Most i like those very melancholic moments in his music, when you can feel the immense subliminal sadness.

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Archaic Horizon website
Sarin Sunday on myspace

Light Fragments
Gateway to the Sun
Lonely Hike
Elocin Sunrise
Madilynn Raindrops
Eyes of the Beginning
Air Mountain

Complete release (zip file)

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