Sintercoraz - Sintercoraz [alces010]

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Sintercoraz - Sintercoraz [alces010]

Sintercoraz - Sintercoraz [alces010]

Guitar & Chips

Oh, this one is wonderful. Everytime i hear chiptune songs produced with C-64, Atari, Gameboy and other youngtimers from low-bit armada, I like them (because it reminds me to my childhood...) but for me hearing more than 2 or 3 tracks is very hard. But on this little treasure fom Salvatore Maldera from Caracas, Venezuela, who calls himself Sintecoraz (or Sintercoraz, both versions are used...), this fact is a bit different. For sure this is because he combines acoustic instruments like his guitar with this childish unique chip sounds in perfection. I never heard this pop-folk-style-chip-tronica before. Pop-slammers all together, these tracks are very unique with this wonderful melodies and melancholic sound atmospheres produced by these old sound chips. This ir released on Alces2, a young netlabel from Åre, Sweden formed by Alexander Eldefors and Petter Owén. Check out the older releases!

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01. Y Jonny
02. 86
03. Entre tus flores
04. Super van
05. Perdón download tip
06. May

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Yes, i like this a lot. Perdon has the potential to become an underground hit! This is definitely a very hot track...

cheers, Marvin