Sora - Live at Metro (IA 002)

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Sora - Live at Metro (IA 002)

Sora - Live at Metro (IA 002)

Warm twinkling electronica

I am sora fan. The unique technique of subtile distortion of audio material of the Kyoto-based electronic musician Takeshi Kurosawa is terrficic. Sora “Live at Metro”, the second Relaese from Intervall-audio , is a mix of tracks from his groundbreaking first album 're:sort' on Plop and unreleased material. Put it on your mp3 player, sit down at a empty beach, put your headphones on and dive into this opus of contemporary electronica.
Intervall-audio says: "Live at Metro" is a richly textured, playfully arranged, crisply analogue-sounding electronica opus that testifies to the fine taste of early Plop releases and defined the image and future direction of the label back in 2003. "Live at Metro" also demonstrates the exceptional talent of a young Japanese artist who, in 2006, played the Plop label showcase at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona as well as Sonar Sound Tokyo."
Get ready for warm flickring bell-style sound, jazz, acoustics, and wonderful melodies from another time. 10 hearts!

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This must be a love-it-or-hate-it record, and I'm not in the first camp. There's nothing in the music to make you want to stick with it, nothing to focus your attention on. It takes tremendous effort to want to listen to it -- and the constant distortion makes it even worse.

Sure, the sounds are very different from a lot of what's out there, but it's also not at all engaging. It's not something I can appreciate.

That's great!

i like sora and this (too short... :-) liveset, too - great artist! The release page offers tracklist and artwork! Check it out! And thanks for your mag...