Black Daylight - The second season mix (stigae009)

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Black Daylight - The second season mix (stigae009)

Sensual electronic pop music

A new one from the label Stigae - the Chicago-based producer Thomas McCauley's project Blackdaylight. Smooth music which an emotional and sensitive approach. Some years ago, this release would be classified and sorted under the trip hop genre label... But i would classify this release as electronic art music, triptronica - it's sensual pop music. With a mix of sampling kunst, electronica and live instruments, Thomas come up with beautiful melodies and melodic layers. Get this and don't forget to support the artist!

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01 the second season approaches
02 teeth 2
03 lost in the moment+
04 beta waves (600 below)
05 west end [autumn blaze mix]
06 blue6

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its hot!

its hot!