Various Artists - Superconductivity (krem005)

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Various Artists - Superconductivity (krem005)

Massive tech compilation

This one comes from Sweden – Kreatur Music drops a massive compilation with a lot fresh artists as well as some well-known netaudio veterans like Ronnie Pries and Marko Fuerstenberg. The compi features many styles of contemporary techno and minimal dance music in a perfect quality. Traditional techno, some maaaassive dub-tech, blip house, microfunk and several forms of abstractism. Get into this steam-machine blast of energy and move ya ears & feet...

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scout - elari
katzo - chain
ars deco - laudanum
ronny pries - mirrored
sublime porte - selam
marko fürstenberg - viro
havantepe - coral (reef dub)
danieto - transito nocturno
ferenc vaspoeri - mint
david labeij - deep logics we love it
tep - posta
receptor - sernamente
bo - mechepassi
franco cangelli - intense
wang inc. - gulf stream
smbp - 09 pt.4
spasm - hairless whispers
smuk - kontinuum
carl najafi - qtai
milos - wind by riverside
kopfporn - stuckmal
donk boys - buk
sjaakflut - clouds
maks - fusion
irradiation - wienström
pakt - brahha
ol - remont
lazzich - pink flower

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