Crossroads - Mix by Marcus Watkins (swm034)

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Crossroads - Mix by Marcus Watkins (swm034)

A personal blend of deeper force

A mix can give you very intimate and personal insights to someone and let you come in contact with new music, artists or labels you otherwise possibly never noticed. In this case, we can imagine what's on the mind Marcus Watkins, who runs and coordinates the Detroit based web-label Random Access Recordings. Released on sonic walker, Marcus delivers a deep, solid and carefully selection of his netlabel favourites. Step into his world of minimalism, deepness and micro-house-funk-grooves, all releated to the very techno side of music. Yep. Dance it. Or hear it while driving your car through a starry night...

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Unique Matter - Before Sleep After Bad Day (sologroove, SLGRV 05)
Miguel Colmenares - Guarara (pinksilver, pinksilver008)
Topper - Salvatore Premium (MIRmusic, MIRnet 004)
Miguel Colmenares - Tranquilito (pinksilver, pinksilver008)
Mentina - Strano (ItaloBusiness, itanet020)
CnS - Ambitronic Remix (plex, plx015)
Reitman - Telepod (sarosmini, saromini001)
Tiza - Papelote (miga, miga20 CD2)
The Elriks - Pom Bom (ItaloBusiness, itanet025)
Daniel Schneider - AK47 (Alt Recordings, ALTF003)
Mensa - Nordic Recordings (resting bell, RB011)
Musex - Musexshop (miga, miga020 CD2)
Gris Cubico - (Fase Music Sender Remix) (miniscule, mnsl 009a)
Greenbeam & Leon - Caroon Life - (unfound sound, unfound33)
Na Porrici Street Sounds (3) Prague Field Recordings (Freesound Project)

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