Christian Björklund - Skåpmat EP (Phoke41)

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Christian Björklund - Skåpmat EP  (Phoke41)

Science-fiction adventure game-electronica

Shit, this rocks. Christian Björklund, who produced sound effects and music for Amiga and PC games for several years, drops a fivetracker ep on Phonocake from Dresden, Germany. His style of music is some kind of 'known' but fresh, very smooth, dubby, direct and true, sometimes introverted. Sounds a bit like he could be the next artist playing live on stage in Jabba's (the Hutt) desert fortress on Tatooine. This is wonderful music, check that out! - i'm loving it! 

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Aerotrio - Aerotrio LP (CR 031)

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Aerotrio - Aerotrio LP (CR 031)

Latin jazz-tronics from Brazil

What a funny one! Heavy latino jazz-tronic will attack your brain with this actual release on Pharmacom Records , the label of Sascha Müller. Aerotrio stands for the three musicians Paulo Guilherme, Fábio Araújo and Edmar Travassos from Brasil who released an unbelieveble mashup jazz style lp with latin influences. All songs are pure jazz improvisations and constructions and sometimes not easy to follow, but very fresh, innovative, funny and originally. Provided with this 'groovy swing', Aerotrio will make you smile, dance or even go bananas...

Pre-listen with click on the arrow-button*, download the tracks with click on your desired audio format

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Pharmacom Records Homepage

Salamangaia - mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 4:44min
Analog Soul - mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 5:29min
Oterlan - mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 4:00min
Hal - mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 2:56min
Coton - mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 1:53min
A Insustentável Leveza Do Som - mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 8:09min
New Orleans - Brasil - mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 6:00min
Diaz - mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 3:30min
A Voz De Muhamed - mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 4:42min
Prisma Revisitada mp3 - OGG - FLAC - 2:05min

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netbloc Vol 4 - Soundtrack for the coming revolution - VA

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netbloc Vol 4 - Soundtrack for the coming revolution - VA

Once again - a new compilation from blocsonic. It contents a selection of 10 tracks from from various netlabels, genre-hopping from hip-hop and trip-Hop to unplugged eectronica, post-rock, indie to drum & bass. Fine compilation with the right sense for styles and tracks.

Download the tracks with right-click and 'save as'...

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