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VA - Electronica Unplugged 2 (aerotone006)

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VA - Electronica Unplugged 2 (aerotone006)

Wonderful Electro-acoustics

Aerotone released their sixth album, a compilation of various artists, full of yearning chunks. The songs on 'Electronica Unplugged 2' are coming straight from the artists hearts, whether they were made with or without electronics... Starting with 'Es kann nicht ewig Winter sein' from Bersarin Quartett , a very slow, melancholic and soulful song, sending out deep, dark feelings. Again a perfect soundtrack for a dusty venice day in november. Reminds me a bit of Bohren und der Club of Gore. But this records differs in the kind of melancholism, the next one,'The Youngest One Had A Rose In His Mouth' and 'Épilogue' feels much more postive, like lost songs for the 'Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain' soundtrack. In fact, every song stands for itself, is different from the other. But all together on this album are outstanding. Chapeau! The fine graphics for this release were made by Kheira Linder from Berlin, be sure to check her fantastic work at her homepage. Absolut recommended download!

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01 bersarin quartett - es kann nicht ewig winter sein
02 your hand in mine - the youngest one had a rose in his mouth
03 crepusculum - away with words
04 balún - sweet n low
05 sepia hours - on a right line
06 roll film - now it's over
07 le mépris - shizuku
08 my first trumpet - happy plingi
09 mié - summer
10 aoyoma - epilogue

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