Various artists – 100 (thn100)

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Various artists – 100 (thn100)

deep down with 100

Thinner's back with a deep bang. The eternal label has reached the magic release number 100 and dropped a various artists compilation with many thinner-veterans aboard. And yet every track is deep like a fragment broken from solid primitive rocks. Starting with the slow-moving smart interpretation of classic dub by veer, this release is getting deeper with every track, drifting into more abstract minimalism with Benfay's 'Let me avow', touching the rings of deep-house (check out Brian Kage's floorburner 'Zebes' :-) and finally closing with superb abstract ambiendub by Off The Sky vs. Gyges and deluge. Highly recommended!

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01 veer - greet the world with a…
02 daniel blomqvist - not for me
03 unit 21- december 02
04 social system - a dream inside a…
05 trace - vicky
06 benfay - let me avow
07 sensual physics - arcs and master
09 brian kage - zebes
10 eloi brunelle - deep mush
11 das kfmw - chocolate in nutshells
12 off the sky vs. gyges -…
13 deluge - the crush

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