Gastón Arévalo - Ultramar (THN099)

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Gastón Arévalo - Ultramar (THN099)

Gastón Arévalo - Ultramar (THN099)

construction works underneath the deep blue sea

After a month off fighting against heavy spamming, preventing database-takeovers and less sleep, wundertunes mag is back with a pot of deepness. Gastón Arévalo's first appearance tracks on thinner are made with deepness, tenderly noise and clicks'n'clacks. During hearing his release i imagined underwater roadworks down in the turquoise caribbean sea. Where beautiful thalassians slowly floatage along-watching the ado of the silcon steam-roller and the lovely chuggling tar-engine... Just dreaming while falling into deepness... :-)
This extra-fine ep contains 4 tracks - which hopefully is meant as a small teaser for more upcoming stuff from this terrific uruguaian artist!

thinner label website
website of Gastón Arévalo
Gastón Arévalo on myspace

Ultramar 4:54 (6,91 MB)
Gourmet 4:34 (6.43 MB)
Verona 5:00 (7.03 MB)
Cinema 5:01 (7.08 MB)

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Score: 7.3, Votes: 3

Didn't think much of this.

Didn't think much of this. Too clicky-clacky, not enough interesting genuine musical material. Was rather bland, actually. If the annoying, juvenile percussion had been taken out, this could have been passable, if vanilla, mellow ambient music. As it is, you're better off saving your bandwidth for some other music.